Our mission is to provide the best service and care for you to increase quality of life and patient independence through the principles of compassion, integrity, knowledge and uncompromising service.

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Wound Care

  • In our comprehensive program, we perform continual assessments and use advanced wound treatments/therapies to ensure ongoing healing.
  • We use a multi-disciplinary approach in the healing of difficult wounds including chronic diabetic, arterial, venous, pressure wounds, and an array of ostomy care.
  • We create a care plan centered around your needs with your physician, nurses, therapists, and other specialists as needed.
  • Our program helps you become more independent, heal more quickly, prevent future wounds, prevent complications and infections, and improve quality of life.

Cardiac Recovery

Heart Disease Management Program

  • Our Heart Disease Management Program is designed to increase the patient’s knowledge regarding heart disease/failure, thus improving their quality of life and reducing re-hospitalizations.
  • We explain the disease process, provide a specialized physical therapy plan of care, nutritional counseling, and medication management.
  • We teach patient/family to observe for signs and symptoms associated with complications of the disease, monitor vital signs, and manage anxiety.

Cardiac Recovery Management

  • Our Cardiac Recovery Program is a conditioning program which assists the patient and family with the transition from the inpatient setting to home.
  • We help prevent complications through teaching and monitoring the patient through the rehab process.
  • The program facilitates full participation in Activities of Daily Living
  • We provide dressing changes and wound care, medication management, and nutritional support all while reducing patient and family anxiety.

Orthopedic Program

Our Orthopedic Program specializes in the coordination and therapeutic management of pre and post surgical care of joint replacements. We provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nursing to follow your physician’s protocols

Pre-operation, our program can include:

  • Joint education
  • Home exercises education
  • Ambulation training
  • Home environment safety assessment

Post discharge from the hospital, one-on-one therapy in your home to accomplish:

  • Returned range of motion
  • Muscle specific strengthening
  • Progressive mobility
  • Wound care
  • Monitoring of blood coagulation therapies
  • Continual patient/family education

Balance/Vestibular Program

This program reduces the frequency of patient falls which reduces hospital admissions for injuries. Our specially trained physical therapists can assess and treat conditions related to your sensory system to dramatically improve balance.

We accomplish this through:

  • Patient and caregiver education regarding home safety
  • Environmental modification
  • Medication management and assessment
  • Therapy for balance and strengthening

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